About QRT


what do we actually do ?

• we distribute hygiene kits,  we organise accommodation ( looking for  spare beds, perhaps cleaning an area so as to make it as welcoming as possible) ; we distribute food and water and if necessary, medical care

• we build areas where there is some shade so that they can all be outside together, we organise play areas, we make sure areas are safe for children, we pull up weeds and we plant flowers and other plants.

• Inside, we create recreational areas for when it is either too hot or too cold to be outside, we build benches and small tables to be used by the whole community, we bring art and music into the camp to entertain everyone and increase a sense of well-being.

• we offer recreational activities for both adults and children such as painting and  creating mandala. These are then exhibited in the camp. There are English lessons, carpentry workshops and theatre and music workshops.

• if we have enough funds, we give out fresh fruit and vegetables once a week, but also rice, oil, salt, sugar and tea. We often distribute clothing to give the migrants a minimum of dignity

• our qualified medical staff tend to cuts and wounds, give any medical care needed to children and carry out health check-ups.  This is done every single day of the week.