Casa Base

In Casa Base, our ‘headquarters’, educational and recreational activities are organised for refugee girls and women. We offer courses in language, art, yoga, photography, etc. The courses vary according to the skills of the volunteers present, which is why a requirement for new team members is the ability to teach in these areas and conditions.

The aim of Casa Base is to have spaces where activities can be carried out as well as to allow the girls and women living in the camp to have a Safe Space in which to rest and enjoy themselves without the burden of all that they have had to endure so far and that they continue to endure. The variety of courses offered increases the sense of well-being of these girls and removes the dangers of boredom, forced idleness and lack of stimulation, which unfortunately characterize life in the refugee camps.

Last but not least, our space requires special attention from our volunteers, whether for simple cleaning or maintenance work. In this way, Casa Base is always a warm and welcoming place, cared for in every detail.