who we are


QRT is a group of trustworthy, loyal and professional people who have been collaborating for more than a year with the same purpose: to restore dignity, self-esteem and happiness among the people living in refugee camps. The team was recently established but it is solid, ambitious and with the desire to continue its work and to expand.

In the executive team there is an active coordinator who has been living for three years in Greece. Here he has gained a significant experience, establishing relationships with the Greek government, with the large NGOs operating worldwide and with the “camp managers” of the refugees camps in which we are operating together with other active organizations in the Hellenic territory. These results have been achieved only with hard work, sacrifices and strong belief in what is being done, and these represent the fundamental values ​​of the QRT.

The executive team is active on several fronts, focusing for instance on the management of the over 200 volunteers who leave for Greece during the year. We also have a marketing team as well as a graphic team dealing with illustrations and website management. All the people working for and with QRT do it in their free time. QRT is, in fact, a non-profit organization that does not get any income from its activities.