Casa Base

Casa Base is QRT’s “headquarters” where all its activities are carried out, with the obvious exception of the activities that take place directly in the camps (Medical Assistance and Distributions). Casa Base is only accessible to the female population of the main camp in which QRT works. Its aim is to offer them a place in which to rest and have fun without the burden of all they have had to cope with so far in their journey and continue to endure. The variety of courses offered helps to increase their sense of well-being and removes the dangers of boredom, forced idleness and lack of stimulation, which unfortunately characterize life in the refugee camps.

In Casa Base, educational and recreational activities are organized for refugee girls and women (5 years old and over). We offer:

  • language lessons (primarily English and German, but also literacy), aimed at different age groups, mainly teenagers and adult women;
  • photography lessons, held in small groups to encourage concentration, creativity and a pleasant atmosphere in which the girls participating can feel safe and free to express themselves;
  • yoga classes, also held in groups of up to eight people. The yoga classes are developed by the volunteers themselves according to the needs of the people taking part. With girls it is more of a ‘yoga game’, with teenagers the classes can be more structured and ‘serious’ (while always making sure to leave room for light-heartedness and play), and with women there is a tendency to spend more time on static postures, slow and simple movements;
  • art, painting, clay, theater, dance, sports, etc. classes for girls and women, often in large and mixed age groups. 

The range of courses offered varies according to the skills of the volunteers present, and it is for this reason that an appreciated requirement for joining the QRT team is the ability to teach in these often difficult and particularly dynamic areas and conditions (every day at Casa Base is different from the next). For these reasons, becoming a QRT volunteer requires a lot of patience and flexibility, combined with a great desire to do. 

Last but not least, our space requires special attention from all volunteers, whether for simple cleaning or maintenance work. In this way, Casa Base is always a warm and welcoming place, with attention put to every detail.


English and Literacy Classes





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